Sunday, January 1, 2012


I am actually a member of this Group Buying Site : ENSOGO
I was crazy, i bought a whole lot and save a bunch from this site.
They offer BIG BIG discounts from Derma Clinics, Food & Restaurant, Hotels, Travels, Resorts, and even Insurance.

REMARK : Great Site 5 Thumbs up!


Great Site also.
 I think this is the site who has the MOST NUMBER OF LIKES or FOLLOWERS via Facebook & Twitter.
I am also a member of this site and enjoy a whole lot of savings from almost everything. Among others, it was only MetroDeal who offers REFUND within 5 days as long as the voucher is UNUSED.

REMARK : 5 Thumbs Up!


This is the WORST SITE.
I had 1 Purchase. I bought 2 LONGCHAMP BAG. The fine print said that delivery is from Dec 8-22... But my Longchamp Bag arrived on 21st of Dec, but since im not in the house (bcoz my mom was confined in the hospital), i wasnt able to receive the Bag. SO it was re-delivered on Dec 29. Wow... The 2nd bag - NEVER CAME... it was undelivered.

So, I returned the first bag, bcoz it was MADE IN CHINA... Though I knew that it was authentic enough (Longchamps are made in France. China And Tunisia) I had to return it bcoz I was expecting that it was made in FRANCE.  plus VERY VERY LATE DELIVERY. I asked for REFUND for both bag.

The selling price of LCHAMPS MADE IN CHINA ranges from 2400 to 2800 only. But they sold it for 3500... wow, what a deceit!!!

I paid November 17, 2011.
The First bag arrived Dec. 29, 2011
the 2nd bag NEVER CAME.
Today is already January 1, 2012... But you see, I STILL HAVENT RECEIVE MY REFUND!!!!

REMARK : Thumbs Down... Never buy from this site. Avoid Misleading Ads like that.


GROUPON Philippines is actually the most GENEROUS of all.
They give 150 credits for every referral you bring to their site.
Once this referral made his 1st purchase, then you will receive an instant 150 credits.
This credits can be use to buy something from this site. Great right!

REMARK : 5 Thumbs Up


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  1. There are so many deal sites its making my head spin with all the discount temptations! Ahahaha!

    I would like to share to everyone a new deal site is coming to town.

    I think they are to launch soon and is currently holding a promo with an iPhone and iPad for prizes. So check it out and see if you can still join in the promo!