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How to apply for KUWAIT VISA?

These are the list of requirements;

  • Authenticated NBI Clearance
  • Letter of the Sponsor (translated in English)
  • VISA FORM applied by your sponsor/company sent via courier
  • Authenticated Marriage Contract if the sponsor is husband/wife
  • Round Trip Ticket (Mla-Kwt-Mla)
These are the list of the requirements;
  • MEDICAL from GAMCA-Manila
  • Authenticated NBI Clearance
  • VISA From applied by your relative sent via courier
  • Authenticated marriage contract
  • For child/ren - MEDICAL Certificate from Pedia; Booster of Mumps
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Husband/wife Original & photocopy of CIVIL ID. (the original will be presented to the Ministry of Interior upon application.
  • Relative/Husband/Wife should have at least 350-450 KWD Salary.
  • All the forms and requirements MUST be COMPLETE then send via courier to the Kuwait Embassy to the Philippines.
  • The VISA Form should be applied by your relative/sponsor/company at the Kuwait Ministry of Interior then, this will be send to the Philippines via a courier. It costs 3KWD.
  • Your relative/husband/wife can get the copy of Affidavit of Support from the Embassy of the Philippines located at Jabriya, Kuwait.
  • VISIT VISA is valid for 90 days upon entry. There is a fine for overstaying which you must pay before you leave the country.
  • The NBI Clearance & Marriage contract should be authenticated at the Dept of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
  • Your passport must be VALID with a page available for Kuwait Visa Stamp.
For Questions & Clarifications;

Call the KUWAIT EMBASSY at 556-3860 to 63
Address : 8th Floor Total Corp. Center Kalayaan & Triangle Avenue, Global City.


We bought 2 voucher from ENSOGO.
This is 2Days / 1Night stay at CANYON WOODS CLUBHOUSE located in Batangas.
The voucher costs P2400. It comes with Breakfast for 2.

We arrived at the place after travelling 1 hour & 45 minutes from Manila.
Hmm, the whole area is just so big, and we saw a lot of infracsructure going on.
The receptionist was accomodating and welcoming.
She gave us our key for CASITA 1.

The rooms are spacious. But is a bit of what I expected.
The furniture requires re-upholstery, if not a replacement perhaps.

The room walls are cemented blast, one side is  made out of glass,
so its really cold at night.
The restrooms are clean enough.
Too bad, they dont have sprayer for the water closet. Or bidet perhaps.
The Aircon needs a cleaning.

The breakfast is a tyical Filipino Meal.
We chose Tapsilog (combination of Beef Tapa, Fried Rice & egg)
served with a glass of Orange/Mango Juice.

We had our breakfast facing the man-made lagoon.
My husband got mesmerized with this area.
He said, "honey, I can live here... " :)

I set my camera to 5x zoom to be able to take a shot for these busy geese...
Hmm, i guess they are having a lil conference... :) hehehee
SERVICE - best

We urge the public to make it a habit to ask for your RECEIPT.

Section 264 of Philippine Republic Act 8424

Section 264. "Failure or Refusal to issue Official, or sales, or commercial invoices,
violations to the printing of such receipts, or invoices or other violations."

a) any person who are being required under section 237 to issue receipts or sales or
 commercial invoices fails or refuses to issue such receipts
or invoices that do not truly reflect and/or contain
all the information requied to be shown therein or uses multiple of
double receipt shall upon convicion of each act of omission,
be punished by a FINE of not less than (1000) One thousand pesos
 but not more than (50,000) Fifty Thousand Pesos 
suffer IMPRISONMENT of not less than (2) Two years but not more than (5) Five years.

I've encountered a lot of establishment/merchant that do not issue

According to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) -
It is a MANDATORY to issue these proof of purchase.
This reminder MUST be posted in any establishment that is VISIBLE to the public.

When you dont receive one, it means your purchase was not counted,
and the TAX on your purchases were not remitted to the Government accordingly.

I am so fed up with these type of dirty tactics by some merchant.
I've noticed that these people have different styles on how to reduce their taxes.

Common Techniques on how to avoid Tax on Purchases.

1. NON issuance of Official Receipts.
2. Using a SEPARATE Sales Invoice WITHOUT serial numbers.
3. Using a receipt with NO TIN number of the Proprietor.
4. Using a receipt from an ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR.
5. Using a fake invoice. meaning the serial numbers are NOT registered in BIR.
6. Using multiple receipts.
7. Issuance of receipt that do not truly reflect the amount sold.

We would like to urge the public to ALWAYS ask for your receipt.
This is to ensure that taxes on your purchases 
go to the development of our country.


The Underground River in Palawan, Philippines


Scroll down to better appreciate the beauty of Palawan's Underground River.
A magnificient work of nature.
Created by Someone who is Perfect.
Lets support Philippine Tourism.
Let's support our country - The Pearl of the Orient Seas.

The water is enchanting. Palawan package trips come with Underground River Tour.
It comes with boat transfers and entrance fees.


A closer shot of the milestones.

Photo Credits : mgpelabello


I havent seen any place that most of the people within the are follows the ordinance that is implemented for the sake of many...

Marikina City...

Many years passed, and Marikina continues to grow each time. Citizens knows how to follow their leaders. Most are NOT STUBBORN, well-disciplined and with high morale.

JAYWALKING is not allowed in Marikina. The fine is 100 pesos, or if you dont wanna pay or you dont have P100. You will be force to render a community service.

This photo was taken just today. Marikina Bayan. As you can see,
all the people use the PEDESTRIAN LANE. Very disciplined. Truly impressive.

Shown on the photo are the steel barricade to prevent the people from sneaking.
For some reason its color YELLOW, so its visible even during at night.

So they have no choice but to use the pedestrian lanes intended for the people.

PALAWAN... a Paradise in the Philippines

Who among you guys- never dreamed of having a sweet vacation like this?
Just seeing this photo of HONDA BAY-PALAWAN would mesmerize us all. isnt it?
This is truly relaxing.... I wish everyday is a vacation time! hehehehe

The water are really enchanting. There is no place in the world that warms our heart, except our own country. There is no place like HOME...

Hope you could visit PALAWAN. Let's support Philippine Tourism.
You dont just enjoy but help our fellow Palawenos to have a decent living...

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I came to passed by recently to a website that sells a cleanser kit specially formulated for LOUIS VUITTON BAGS. I had a problem with my Speedy's Handles. Due to frequent use, it became darker. Well, they say, its normal for genuine leathers. This darkening is called "patina". And i searched for some ways on how to get rid of it. Other than this problem, the zip pull and the whole vachette leather becomes dry as times go by...

Below is a LOUIS VUITTON CARE KIT. It is manufactured and imported from USA.
It has NO detergent. And proven to get rid of stubborn dirt, dust, fingerprints of your LV Bags.
LV Bags like Speedy (Mini, 25, 30, 35, 40, duffle bag, keep all) are all VACHETTA LEATHER. Meaning, these are UNFINISHED LEATHER. Therfore, it requires a cleaner that is intended only for unfinished leather.

LV Care Kit is already available in the Philippines.

  1. Never attempt to clean your LV Bag using a baby oil, furniture leather cleaner as this might worsen the status of your LV Bags.
  2. Never use any type of cloth to clean your LV, we recommend the use of microfiber.
  3. If your LV Bag is vachetta, use only cleaner intended for vachetta, remember that every type of leather requires a different type of cleaner.
  4. Do not try to wash your LV Bag using detergent, if you are unsure of what you're doin, you better go to the nearest BAG SPA or LV Boutique to have your LV Bags cleaned by professionals.

Are Longchamp Bags made in CHINA authentic?

People are always alarmed whenever they bought a designer bag and tag says its Made in China...


They are worried about AUTHENTICITY ISSUES.

Be mindful that...
are all MADE IN CHINA. Eventhough you bought this in US or somewherelse.


Bags like ...
are all made in FRANCE, ITALY, may be SPAIN or GERMANY. but NEVER in CHINA.

How to Take care of your CHANEL BAG?

CHANEL BAGS are one of the highly sought in the women's fashion.
Bags are PERFECT. Every bag that doesnt meet the quality standards will be shreded to avoid any further problems. Therefore, once you;ve purchased a CHANEL BAG. You are aware that this is NOT JUST AN ORDINARY BAG. It symbolize you as a woman.
Below is the LAMB CARESS KIT. Specially formulated for CHANEL BAGS, those bags that are made out of lamb, calf-skin or other exotic lamb.

This LAMB CARESS KIT is made and imported from USA.
It has NO detergent. Made specially for CHANEL BAGS.

LAMB CARESS CLEANSER removes dirt, oil, fingerprints of your Chanel Bag.

 MIRACLE SHIELD protects your bag from water & oil spills.

 SILK SERUM function is to moisturize your Chanel bag leaving it supple and revitalized.

How to take care of your Louis Vuitton EPI bags

How to clean your LOUIS VUITTON EPI Bags?

Louis Vuitton EPI Bags are special leather, thus it needs a special cleaner also.
This set is already available in the Philippines. Made and Imported from USA.

Specially made for sensitive EPI Leathers.
 It contains 4 items that has special function which will be explained further.

The BOTANICAL CLEANSER is a mild cleanser.
NO detergent. It removes dirt, dust, fingerprint.

LV EPI Bags supple and moisturized.
Goodbye to dry and dull bag!

 MIRACLE SHIELD will protect your bags from unwanted water and oil spills.

FOR HANDLES ONLY will remove the dirt from the handles.
and protect it from natural ageing and ordinary tear or wear.

How to Get rid of the "dark patina" on your Louis Vuitton Bags?

Your Louis Vuitton bags are not just an ordinary bag. You spent a thousand dollars or pesos just to be able to purchase one. Therefore, it is important to know the ways on how to maintain your bag's pristine condition.

One of the problems of some bags like Speedy, Alma, Ellipse, Deuville are the darkening of the handles.

The darkening of the handles is actually normal. This is the result of frequent use, specially if your hands tend to perspire a lot.

 The first 2 photos above shows a very dark handles of speedy25.
 This was accumulated overtime and frequent use, as well as improper use of cleaner.

The above product (For Handles Only)  were formulated specially for Louis Vuitton Handles.
This is safe & non-darkening. It has NO detergent. It will remove the dark patina that accumulated throughout the use of your LV Bags. This is 2oz. good enough for multiple use.
 Being sold for P1499. Comes with FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE (Philippine only)
If you want to order one, Just leave a message and contact no.

This photo shows the 2 handles. One is treated with For Handles Only cream.
It removed the dark and oil from the LV Handle.
After the treatment, keep your bag inside a room with enough humidity.
Wrap the handles using a plastic that can be bought on the grocery store.

Follow us for more helpful tips and info.
Thank you.


There were lots of ways to check if the Louis Vuitton Bag
 that you wanted to buy from an online store is AUTHENTIC or FAKE.

NOTE : Some vintage LV bags do not have serial numbers.
Serial No must contain alpha-numeric combination. 2 letters and 4 number.
2 Letters - COUNTRY where the LV Bag was manufactured
1st & 3rd Number - MONTH the Bags was manufactured
2nd & 4th Number - YEAR the bag was produced.

A1  A2  AA  AO  AN  AR  AS  BA  BJ  CT  DU  ET  FL  FR 





How to read the Serial Number :

In the photo above. serial no is VI0937.
VI = France
1st & 3rd No = 0 & 3 which means Month of March
2nd & 4th No = 9 & 7 which means Year 1997
Therefore, this LV bag was produced in France, March 1997.

AS = France
1st & 3rd No = 0 & 7; which means Month of JULY
2nd & 4th No = 9 & 5; which means YEAR of 1995
Therefore, the LV EPI bag was produces in France, July 1995.

2. Check the Heat Stamp.
The heat stamp must be neat, clear and states LOUIS VUITTON PARIS "made in France"
Some vintage bag has a "made in france" stamp. with small "f"

This photo shows the heat stamp of Louis Vuitton Alma Monogram.
It has Registered Logo on top.
LOUIS VUITTON printed in CAPITAL letters
Followed by PARIS also in CAPITAL letters.
Then last would be made in France.
All of the letters must be neatly stamped.

3. Double check the rivets.
The rivets must contain " Louis Vuitton". This should be clear and neat as well.

4. The handles.
The handles must have fine stitchings, no loose and should be even.

5. The leather trimmings.
Check the leather trimmings.

6. The Zip and Zip Pull.
This must be made of brass. The Zipper must have an engraved of "Louis Vuitton" for speedy.
LV Logo  for Alma, which is shown below.

7. Stitches.
All the Stitches must be even, perfect and not loose.

You see, Louis Vuitton is very STRICT when it comes to QUALITY and WORKMANSHIP.
They will NEVER COMPROMISE the NAME they established for many many years for a single mistake. Therefore, all LOUIS VUITTON BAGS ARE CREATED PERFECT...

They destroy every bag that does not meet the standards.

They dont have a SALE or DISCOUNT. They dont have reseller or whatsoever. All bags are only to be sold on authorized LV Boutiques.
So, if you see an LV Bag being sold for a price that is "too good to be true", then most likely, it is...

In general, an authentic LV Bag must have a
  • dust bag
  • brass lock & key
  • paper bag
But since, some of us may settle for a pre-loved LV Bag, sometimes the those 3 are no longer available. So better check the bag itself for authenticity issue. Be mindful that there were things to consider also if an LV dustbag, lock & key and the LV paper bag are authentic or not.

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I am actually a member of this Group Buying Site : ENSOGO
I was crazy, i bought a whole lot and save a bunch from this site.
They offer BIG BIG discounts from Derma Clinics, Food & Restaurant, Hotels, Travels, Resorts, and even Insurance.

REMARK : Great Site 5 Thumbs up!


Great Site also.
 I think this is the site who has the MOST NUMBER OF LIKES or FOLLOWERS via Facebook & Twitter.
I am also a member of this site and enjoy a whole lot of savings from almost everything. Among others, it was only MetroDeal who offers REFUND within 5 days as long as the voucher is UNUSED.

REMARK : 5 Thumbs Up!


This is the WORST SITE.
I had 1 Purchase. I bought 2 LONGCHAMP BAG. The fine print said that delivery is from Dec 8-22... But my Longchamp Bag arrived on 21st of Dec, but since im not in the house (bcoz my mom was confined in the hospital), i wasnt able to receive the Bag. SO it was re-delivered on Dec 29. Wow... The 2nd bag - NEVER CAME... it was undelivered.

So, I returned the first bag, bcoz it was MADE IN CHINA... Though I knew that it was authentic enough (Longchamps are made in France. China And Tunisia) I had to return it bcoz I was expecting that it was made in FRANCE.  plus VERY VERY LATE DELIVERY. I asked for REFUND for both bag.

The selling price of LCHAMPS MADE IN CHINA ranges from 2400 to 2800 only. But they sold it for 3500... wow, what a deceit!!!

I paid November 17, 2011.
The First bag arrived Dec. 29, 2011
the 2nd bag NEVER CAME.
Today is already January 1, 2012... But you see, I STILL HAVENT RECEIVE MY REFUND!!!!

REMARK : Thumbs Down... Never buy from this site. Avoid Misleading Ads like that.


GROUPON Philippines is actually the most GENEROUS of all.
They give 150 credits for every referral you bring to their site.
Once this referral made his 1st purchase, then you will receive an instant 150 credits.
This credits can be use to buy something from this site. Great right!

REMARK : 5 Thumbs Up


MORE REVIEWS to follow... :)

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Unionbank launches its UNIONBANK EON VISA DEBIT CARD. Its a wonderful Debit Card with multiple use.

  • No Maintaning Balance. Just a P350 annual fee. Its like 1 peso a day!
  • You can swipe it to any POS grocery or mall.
  • You can use it when you travel abroad. Buy from 1 million establishment with VISA Logo. No need to carry cash or credit card, specially those who doesnt want to purchase out of credit.
  • Its a Savings account.
  • You can link this to your PayPal account, Thus letting you enjoy shopping online securely.
  • You can receive WESTERN UNION REMITTANCE direct to your EON Card without going out or fallin in line to the Western Union Branches!
  • You can transfer GCASH funds from your EON card to your GCASH Acct!
To apply online for your Unionbank EON Debit Card.
Click the link below:

Hope this blog helped you some. Pls follow us for more helpful tips and information.

Updated List of Group Buying Websites in The Philippines

Filipinos are always crazy for discount... well almost everybody, right?
Here are the list of Group Buying Site that offer 50%-90% discount!!!


Clever Buy
Clever Travel
Deal Spot
Deal Grocer
Cash Cash Pinoy

How to distinguish Authentic Longchamp Le Pliage from a counterfeit?

There were lots of ways to determine if the LONGCHAMP BAG your eyeing is an AUTHENTIC or not...

But before we proceed, we would like to remind everyone that LONGCHAMP bags were originally created from FRANCE. But due to the growing demand, they explored and looked for manufacturer in CHINA & TUNISIA. But every bag is still under direct control of Longchamp France to observe strict guidelines to produce quality Longchamp Bags.


1. The Flap Cover of the bag.
The flap cover of the bag must have Longchamp Logo stamped together with its button snap. This logo must be center.

2. The button snap must have a protective plastic disk under it.

3. The key pull must have YKK or Longchamp 1984.

4. The stitches must be EVEN.

5. The cowhide handles must be soft with fine stitchings.

6. The nylon body of the bag must be a bit shiny. Inside of it, is a rubbery feeling.

7. There should be a model & type at the back of the flap cover.

8. There should be a SERIAL NO located inside the bag. and MADE IN CHINA/FRANCE/TUNISIA.

If your bag misses any of the above mentioned characteristic, you should doubt about its authenticity...
It is always safe to buy from trusted supplier/seller.

NBI ONLINE APPLICATION - Step by Step Procedure

National Bureau of Investigation already started the ONLINE APPLICATION, both for NEW & RENEWAL application for your NBI Clearances.
NBI Clearance is a very important document to prove that one has NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

1. FIRST, you must pay thru GCASH.
Text amount <space> MPIN then send to 28829175638053
Example : 115 <space> 1234

If you dont have GCASH, you may pay thru any GLOBE Buss Center or any establishment which accept GCASH. They will give you the reference no.

You will then receive a REFERENCE NUMBER. Take note /save this reference no.


Provide the reference no. and your mobile number. After submitting the application, you will receive a QR CODE. This must be PRINTED to serve as your proof of application.

3. BOOK your preferred date.
Text BOOK <space> Reference No <space> location <space> MMDDYYYY <space> HHMM <space>  name
then send to 0917-5638053 

Example : BOOK <space> 123456 <space> NCR <space > 01152012 <space > 0800 <space> Juan dela Cruz 

4. Go to your chosen NBI office or Satellite Office on your appointment date.
Proceed to the e-clearance. Give your printed QR CODE. & 1 Valid ID.
If you are renewal, give your OLD NBI Clearance.

5. QR Code is scanned.

6. Biometric info will be captured.
Picture Taking & Finger printing.

7. NBI Clearance & receipt will be printed.

For inquiries / concerns text "HELP" then send to 0917-5638053

How PhilHealth helped my family in times of trouble...

My mother was admitted to Doctor's Hospital just recently.
I was a bit reluctant to file for her PhilHealth on the billing department because i wasnt sure enough if I was able to pay her 3rd quarter contribution.

The condition is this. The PhilHealth member MUST be able to pay the 3 months of the six months prior to confinement.

So since she was confined on the month of December (4th Qtr)
To be able to claim for PhilHealth benefits, my mother must have paid the 3rd Qtr...

Oh my! i think, i wasnt able to pay the 3rd Qtr!
So, what I did, I called the PhilHealth Hotline to ask for the staff to check on their database if my mother is paid on her 3rd Qtr contribution... I just gave the PhilHealth ID No. then the staff said "yes" she's paid...

I was relieved! wow...

Since then, i told myself, i might pay on a yearly basis so I wont forget...

TERMS                              Deadline of Payment

Quarterly (Jan-Mar)            March 31
Semi Annually (Jan-June)   March 31
Annually (Jan-Dec)             Mar 31