Sunday, January 1, 2012

How PhilHealth helped my family in times of trouble...

My mother was admitted to Doctor's Hospital just recently.
I was a bit reluctant to file for her PhilHealth on the billing department because i wasnt sure enough if I was able to pay her 3rd quarter contribution.

The condition is this. The PhilHealth member MUST be able to pay the 3 months of the six months prior to confinement.

So since she was confined on the month of December (4th Qtr)
To be able to claim for PhilHealth benefits, my mother must have paid the 3rd Qtr...

Oh my! i think, i wasnt able to pay the 3rd Qtr!
So, what I did, I called the PhilHealth Hotline to ask for the staff to check on their database if my mother is paid on her 3rd Qtr contribution... I just gave the PhilHealth ID No. then the staff said "yes" she's paid...

I was relieved! wow...

Since then, i told myself, i might pay on a yearly basis so I wont forget...

TERMS                              Deadline of Payment

Quarterly (Jan-Mar)            March 31
Semi Annually (Jan-June)   March 31
Annually (Jan-Dec)             Mar 31

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