Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to Get rid of the "dark patina" on your Louis Vuitton Bags?

Your Louis Vuitton bags are not just an ordinary bag. You spent a thousand dollars or pesos just to be able to purchase one. Therefore, it is important to know the ways on how to maintain your bag's pristine condition.

One of the problems of some bags like Speedy, Alma, Ellipse, Deuville are the darkening of the handles.

The darkening of the handles is actually normal. This is the result of frequent use, specially if your hands tend to perspire a lot.

 The first 2 photos above shows a very dark handles of speedy25.
 This was accumulated overtime and frequent use, as well as improper use of cleaner.

The above product (For Handles Only)  were formulated specially for Louis Vuitton Handles.
This is safe & non-darkening. It has NO detergent. It will remove the dark patina that accumulated throughout the use of your LV Bags. This is 2oz. good enough for multiple use.
 Being sold for P1499. Comes with FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE (Philippine only)
If you want to order one, Just leave a message and contact no.

This photo shows the 2 handles. One is treated with For Handles Only cream.
It removed the dark and oil from the LV Handle.
After the treatment, keep your bag inside a room with enough humidity.
Wrap the handles using a plastic that can be bought on the grocery store.

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