Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why its important to be a PhilHealth Member?

It is very important to be a PhilHealth Member.

Simply because, we dont know when disease, confinement, or even death strikes. So its always important be prepared at all times. Make it a habit to put PhilHealth contribution PART OF YOUR BILLS. I personally attested to the importance of Philhealth.

Just recently, my mother was confined for 2 and a half day in the hospital. Our bill went up high to around P25,000, but I end up paying just around P11,000, because she's a PhilHealth Member.

Almost everyone can be a member. OFW, employed, self-employed, voluntary.

To be a member, just click this link.

Fill this up, then submit it to the nearest PhilHealth office within your area. Be sure to bring at least 1 Valid ID with you.
Nominate your beneficiaries/dependents.

Your DEPENDENTS can be the following;
  • Legal Spouse (non-member or membership is inactive)
  • Child/ren
  • Parents (non-member or memberhsip is inactive)
BENEFITS of PhilHealth Members;

IN PATIENT : PhilHealth provides subsidy (allowance) for confinement NOT less than 24hrs. These are as follows;
  1. room and board
  2. drugs & medicines
  3. laboratory
  4. operating room
  5. professional fees
  1. Day surgeries
  2. dialysis
  3. cancer treatment such as chemotheraphy, rediotherapy in accredited hospitals and free standing clinics.
  1. Coverage of up to the 4th normal delivery
  2. Newborn Care Package (amount of coverage is P1000)
  3. Newborn dependent NOT covered by PhilHealth (ex. 5th delivery)
  4. TB treatment through DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse) amount of coverage is P4000. new cases only. NOTE : DOTS is the shortest and most effective internationally accepted treatment protocol for TB
  5. SARS & Avian Influeza Package (P50,000 per case)
  6. Influenza A (H1N1) Package (P75,000 for non health worker-member) (P150,000 for health worker-member).

For CLAIM FORM 1 - member & patient info

For CLAIM FORM 2 - Provider Info

For CLAIM FORM 3 - Patients Clinical Record

I filled up the info on the CLAIM FORMS 1 & 2 then submitted it to the billing department of the hospital where my mother was admitted. Since my mom is an INDIVIDUALLY PAYING MEMBER, the hospital deducted the PhilHealth amount ON THE SPOT.

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